Scrap Marketing

AMG is one of the largest scrap brokers in the United States and United Kingdom.  With 19 commercial offices throughout the United States and United Kingdom, AMG is tapped into scrap markets throughout the country and the world.  In addition to brokering scrap, AMG’s commercial group has a wealth of experience importing pig iron and other scrap substitutes.

Scrap Brokerage
AMG’s brokerage customers include generators, processors and consumers of scrap, ranging from the small family-owned recyclers to the world’s largest international steel companies.  AMG’s traders maintain close relationships with every major steel mill in the United States and United Kingdom and sell directly to export markets throughout Europe, Asia and Australia.  This extensive network keeps AMG in tune with the latest market trends and movements both domestically and abroad.
Transportation Services
AMG not only takes the hassle out of managing transportation logistics but relies on its transportation capabilities to provide additional value to its customers.  AMG’s goal is to help its customers minimize freight costs, relieve them of timely administrative work and ultimately enable them expand their existing markets and access new markets for their products.
Private Railcar Fleet
AMG boasts one of the largest fleets of private railcars of any North American scrap broker with approximately 700 cars currently in service.  The fleet includes single railcars ranging in size from 2,500 cubic feet to 6,000 cubic feet and articulated railcars with up to 10,000 cubic-foot capacities, enabling AMG to maximize loaded weights and reduce transportation costs.  AMG’s fleet services facilities throughout the continental United States and Canada.  With a sizeable and diverse fleet at its disposal, AMG is able to readily supply appropriately sized railcars when needed by its customers.
Real-Time Railcar Tracking
AMG’s RoadRunner railcar management system provides real-time tracking information for all railcars shipped throughout North America.  The system directly interfaces with all carriers so that billing information is electronically transmitted to the origin carrier within minutes and railcar locations are updated as soon as the handling carrier reports any movement.  This system is available not only for AMG’s private fleet of 700 railcars but for all other railcars in any public or private fleets that AMG uses, enabling AMG’s customers to easily determine the exact location of their products at any given moment, accurately project shipment arrivals and determine actual historical turnaround times.
Railcar Brokerage for Fleet Owners
In addition to managing its own private fleet of railcars, AMG’s transportation department also provides brokerage services for owners of serviceable railcars.  With a nationwide network of railcar owners, leasing companies and other rail industry professionals at its disposal, AMG can assist railcar owners in finding homes for surplus railcars.  These brokerage services are managed by Leo Phillipp, AMG’s Manager of Railcar Purchasing.