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United States

John Burstein

Commercial Broker
Boston, Mass.

A fourth-generation scrap dealer, John Burstein joined Burstein Company in 1981 after working in a number of scrap-processing facilities.  Six years later, he was named President of Burstein Company, which specialized in known-analysis ferrous scrap and dealt in industrial grade materials for specialty melt shops.

Upon AMG’s acquisition of Burstein Company in 1994, John joined AMG’s commercial group, where his business continues to focus largely on alloy scrap of known chemistries.  John works closely with many specialty melt shops to assist with the management of their scrap-purchasing programs.


Bob Chevalier

President, AMG Resources Midwest & Chief Operations Officer, Midwest Region
Gary, Ind.

Bob Chevalier began his career in the metals industry in 1973 with Vulcan Materials Co.  As General Purchasing Manager, he spent eight years in Sandusky, Ohio and six years in Birmingham, Ala.  He also spent one year with Vulcan’s chemical division in Geismar, La.

Bob joined AMG in 1988 to organize the company’s general purchasing function.  He was instrumental in the inception of AMG’s used can purchasing program and oversaw the planning and development of AMG’s greenfield recycling facility in St. Paul, Minn., which was built in 1990.  In 1993, Bob moved from Pittsburgh, Pa. to Gary, Ind. to handle purchasing for the midwest region.  He also served as Commercial Director for the Midwest Region and was responsible for scrap purchasing into all of AMG’s U.S. operations and scrap sales out of the St. Paul, Minn. facility.

In August 1997, Bob was named President of AMG Resources Midwest, which has scrap-processing operations in Milwaukee, Wis. and St. Joseph, Mo.  He also serves as Chief Operating Officer for the Midwest Region, overseeing activities in St. Paul, Minn., Milwaukee, Wis. and St. Joseph, Mo.


Lee Dezzutti

Vice President, Business Development
Richmond, Va.

Lee Dezzutti joined AMG in 2011 with more than 20 years of experience in the scrap industry.  Lee began his scrap career as a yard buyer and trader at the Detroit, Mich. office of Luria Brothers & Company, Inc. and later moved to Luria’s Houston, Texas office, where he worked as a trader.  He subsequently worked as a trader for Columbia Trading Co. in Pittsburgh, Pa. and National Material Trading, LLC in Cleveland, Ohio.

In 1998, Lee joined Chaparral Steel Company as a part of the original management team that opened its new structural steel mill in Petersburg, Va.  He served as Chaparral’s General Manager of Raw Materials until 2007, when the steelmaker was acquired by Gerdau Ameristeel, upon which Lee became Gerdau’s Northeast Regional Manager of Raw Materials.

Upon joining AMG’s commercial group, Lee opened a new trading office outside of Richmond, Va., from which he manages new business opportunities for AMG with a focus on the mid-Atlantic and southeast regions.


Jimi DiPietro

Vice President, Royal Green
Reading, Pa.

In 1999, Jimi DiPietro was appointed General Manager of Mill Service Operations of Sparrows Point Scrap Processing, LLC (SPSP), a joint venture of AMG and Philip Metals, Inc. that provided on-site scrap services at Bethlehem Steel’s Sparrows Point, Md. steel mill.  Jimi continued in such role after AMG assumed full ownership of SPSP until 2009, when he was named Vice President of Royal Green.  In his current role, Jimi manages all aspects of Royal Green’s operations in Reading, Pa., which includes two shredders.

Prior to his role with SPSP, Jimi spent 27 years with Luria Brothers & Company, Inc. and its successor, Philip Metals Inc.  He got his start with Luria serving in various operations positions at its facility in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada and eventually rose to the position of Vice President of Mill Service Operations.  Jimi moved to the United States in 1989, where he served as Operations Manager for Luria’s facilities in Claymont, Del., Pittsburg, Cal., Chicago, Ill. and Coatesville, Pa.  He was later promoted to General Manager of Luria’s operations in Cleveland, Ohio, St. Louis, Mo. and Granite City, Ill.


Scott Duffey

Vice President
Chicago, Ill.

Scott Duffey joined AMG in April 2004.  As Vice President, Scott is responsible for marketing scrap to and from AMG’s midwestern yards and developing new trading and brokerage opportunities out of the Chicago, Ill. trading office that he opened with Don Forlani.

Prior to joining AMG, Scott spent eight years with Luria Brothers & Company, Inc. and its successor, Philip Metals, Inc., where he rose through the commercial brokerage group to eventually assume the position of District Manager of the Chicago, Ill. brokerage office.


Don Forlani

Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer
Chicago, Ill.

Don Forlani joined AMG in April 2004 as Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer after spending 35 years with Luria Brothers & Company, Inc. and its successor, Philip Metals Inc., where he ultimately served as President.

Don served in various commercial roles with Luria after joining the company in 1968, ultimately rising to the position of Senior Vice President of Commercial Activities in 1992.  Following Philip’s acquisition of Luria in 1997, Don was appointed Executive Vice President of Commercial Activities.  In 2002, he was named President of Philip.

Upon joining AMG, Don opened the Chicago, Ill. trading office and assumed management of the commercial group.



Jeffrey Goldstein

Newark, N.J.

Jeffrey Goldstein began his professional involvement in the scrap industry in 2002 as a software developer with Management Science Associates Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pa., where he designed software programs for the steelmaking industry.  In particular, Jeffrey helped to develop MSA’s scrap optimization software, which combines scrap-purchasing and scrap-loading modules that guide steel mills in efficiently purchasing the cheapest scrap possible while ensuring that its chemistry requirements are satisfied, thereby ensuring least-cost scrap charges.  Jeffrey led the installation, training and implementation of such software at Algoma Steel’s mill in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada.

In 2008, Jeffrey joined AMG’s information technology group as an Applications Manager.  In such role, he helped to implement and integrate AMG’s new RIMAS scrap application throughout the company and developed an array of custom reports for use both internally and by AMG’s customers.

Jeffrey transitioned into AMG’s commercial group in 2011, initially handling known-analysis ferrous scrap for specialty melt shops from AMG’s Pittsburgh, Pa. office.  Jeffrey has since relocated to Newark, N.J., where he is involved in scrap purchasing for AMG’s Newark, N.J. facility, manages industrial accounts in the New Jersey/New York region and handles other trading activities, particularly involving specialty alloy scrap.


Joe Joyce

General Manager
Newark, N.J.

Joe Joyce entered the scrap metal business in 1990 as an account representative for Luria Brothers & Company, Inc. in Philadelphia, Pa.  In 2002, J.J. was promoted to District Manager of the Philadelphia office by Luria’s successor, Philip Metals, Inc.

J.J. joined AMG in June 2004 as district manager of commercial activities in the eastern region and opened AMG’s Philadelphia office with Joe Shevlin.  In 2005, J.J. assumed day-to-day management of AMG’s Newark, N.J. facility and has overseen its significant expansion during such time.


Bill Kahres

Marketing Manager, Royal Green
Reading, Pa.

Bill Kahres entered the scrap industry in 1991 as a buyer for Simon Eastern Corp.’s shredding facility in Reading, Pa.  Bill continued in his scrap-purchasing role for that facility as an employee of Royal Green Corp. and PSC Metals, Inc., during which time he also assumed responsibility for the handling of industrial accounts, truck dispatching and foundry sales.  In 2004, Bill was named Marketing Manager of Royal Green Corp.  He has continued in such role since AMG’s joint venture, Royal Green LLC, acquired the Reading, Pa. facility in 2006.


Norman LeVesque

Business Development Manager
Irvine, Cal.

Norman LeVesque joined AMG’s commercial group in 2011, assuming responsibility for developing and managing scrap accounts on the west coast.  Prior to joining AMG, Norman worked in sales for Ecko Products Group, a national packaging company based in Southern California.


Jason Linkes

Director, National Accounts
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Jason Linkes joined AMG in 2007 as a trader in the commercial group with responsibility for purchasing and brokering scrap in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Michigan and Canada.  In 2011, Jason was promoted to District Manager of the Great Lakes District, overseeing trading activities in the Ohio Valley, Great Lakes and Eastern Canada regions.  In 2016, he was named Director of National Accounts, in which capacity he is responsible for developing and managing scrap management programs for industrial manufacturers and other scrap generators on a national level.

Jason is the President of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) and was a featured speaker at the 2015 and 2016 ISRI national conventions.

Prior to entering the scrap industry, Jason worked in sales for Simplex Time Recorder Company, Airborne Express and Cadbury Adams.  Jason is a graduate of Saint Leo University, where he was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame and served on the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association.


Conor O'Brien

Newark, N.J.

Conor O'Brien began his career in the metals industry in 2005 as a purchase executive with Anbakam Metals, an export trading firm focused on containerized scrap shipments to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam and South Korea.  During his time with Anbakam, he was in charge of procuring various grades of metals coming out of the United States, United Kingdom, European Union and Brazil, ultimately being promoted to the role of Vice President of Sales.

Conor Joined AMG in 2013 to help develop the company's growing presence in the export market.  In addition to the export business that he manages, Conor is also active in the domestic market as a buyer for AMG's Newark, N.J. yard and broker to U.S. mills.


Jim Orendorff, Jr.

Vice President, AMG Resources Pacific
Sacramento, Cal.

Jim Orendorff, Jr. has been instrumental in strengthening AMG’s presence on the west coast since joining the company in 2003.  Based in Sacramento, Cal., Jim is responsible for sales and business opportunities relating to tin-mill products and the purchasing, selling and marketing of scrap metal.

Prior to joining AMG, Jim worked in sales and marketing for Black & Decker.


Jim Orendorff, Sr.

President, AMG Resources Pacific & Director, Western Marketing
Phoenix, Ariz.

Jim Orendorff, Sr.’s career in the metals industry began in Australia in 1970 with M&T Chemicals, Inc., a division of American Can Company.  For six years, he served as a detinning plant manager.  In that capacity, he was involved in the planning, building and commissioning of detinning plants in New Zealand and South Africa until he left Australia for the United States to take over as detinning manager for M&T’s East Indiana plant.

In 1978, Jim joined Proler International Corp. as detinning manager for its new continuous detinning plant in El Paso, Tex.  Two years later, he transferred to Proler’s new detinning facility in Coolidge, Ariz., where he served as plant manager.  Jim remained with Proler for 10 years, serving the last three years as General Manager of the metal recovery division for its plants in El Paso, Coolidge, Lathrop, Cal. and Seattle, Wash.

In 1989, Jim joined AMG’s commercial group, first based in Pittsburgh, Pa. before opening AMG’s first western office in Phoenix, Ariz. in 1995.  In 1998, Jim was named President of AMG Resources Pacific and is now responsible for overseeing operations at AMG’s Lathrop, Cal. facility, in addition to his continuing commercial responsibilities as AMG’s Director of Western Marketing.


Leo Phillipp

Manager, Railcar Purchasing
Yorkville, Ill.

Leo Phillipp joined Midwest Steel & Alloy in 2006 as Manager of Railcar Purchasing and has continued in such position since AMG’s acquisition of Midwest Steel & Alloy in 2008.  In such capacity, Leo purchases railcars from railroads, leasing companies and shipper-owners for dismantling at AMG’s various operations, including its facilities in Youngstown, Ohio and Gary, Ind., and conducts commercial railcar brokerage.

Leo joined Midwest Steel & Alloy with more than 30 years of experience in the railcar industry.  He began his railroad industry career in 1973 with Burlington Northern Railroad, where he worked in train service operations before moving into a management position.  Leo subsequently spent more than 20 years with Union Tank Car Company (UTLX), a major railcar leasing company.  After working in a number of accounting and fleet management positions with UTLX, Leo served as its Director of Fleet Services for 11 years.


Joe Shevlin

Vice President, Commercial, Eastern Region
Philadelphia, Pa.

Joe Shevlin started his career in the scrap metal industry in 1972 with Dreifus Steel Corp. in Philadelphia, Pa., where he rose to the position of Vice President of Sales.  In 1986, Joe joined Luria Brothers & Company, Inc. as District Manager in Philadelphia, Pa.  Six years later, he was named Vice President for the eastern region and assumed responsibility for Luria’s commercial activities on the east coast and the operation of its Coatesville, Pa. yard.  When Philip Metals, Inc. acquired Luria, Joe continued to serve as Vice President in charge of commercial activities in the eastern region.

Upon joining AMG in June 2004 as Vice President in charge of commercial activities in the eastern region, Joe opened a new commercial office in Philadelphia, Pa.

Joe is a past president of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Institute of Scrap Iron & Steel (ISIS) and previously served as a member of ISIS’s executive committee and various ISIS subcommittees.


John Siak

Director of Purchasing Services
Greensboro, N.C.

John Siak began his procurement career in 1974 when he joined Vulcan Materials Co. as the plant buyer for its Pittsburgh, Pa. facility.  John spent 10 years at Vulcan, handling industrial purchasing for aluminum, tin chemicals and detinning operations.  He subsequently served as Purchasing Manager for Selee Corp. and Senior Buyer for Rostra Precision Controls, Inc.

In November 1997, John joined AMG as its Director of Purchasing Services and began overseeing AMG’s company-wide purchasing activities.  John’s responsibilities now also include managing a number of national scrap accounts.




United Kingdom

Puneet Bhatia

Director of Sales, Asia Pacific Region
Birmingham, U.K.

Prior to joining AMG in 2011, Puneet Bhatia served as Managing Director of Shri Ram Impex India Pvt. Ltd., a Delhi, India-based company founded by Puneet in 1988 that marketed secondary tinplate and other steel products throughout Asia, Europe and North America.  In 2002, Puneet moved to Dubai, U.A.E. to expand such business via a new trading company, S.R Trading Co. LLC.  From his new home base, Puneet primarily purchased secondary tinplate sheet and coils from Europe, North America and Australia for sale to consumers in India and throughout the Middle East.

In 2011, Puneet joined AMG as its Director of Sales for the Asia Pacific Region.  In such capacity, he handles sales of both scrap and secondary steel products from the United Kingdom and United States to consumers throughout Asia.  Puneet is based out of AMG’s Birmingham, U.K. commercial office but spends significant time traveling throughout the Middle East and Asia.


Sean Kerrigan

Deputy Managing Director & Commercial Director, AMG Industries
Birmingham, U.K.

Sean Kerrigan began his involvement in the metals industry in 1974 with Ford Motor Company, where he spent 12 years in various posts in Ford’s foundry and forgings operations in Dagenham, U.K. and Leamington, U.K.

Sean eventually assumed purchasing responsibility for all of the Leamington foundry’s raw materials, including pig iron, coke, sand and ferrous and non-ferrous products.  In addition, he was responsible for non-ferrous procurement for Ford’s radiator assembly operations.  During the transition period from copper/brass radiators to aluminum radiators, Sean was the purchasing specialist in the Ford of Europe supplier survey team, tasked with establishing the European supply base for the Basildon, U.K. and Charleville, France manufacturing plants.

In 1986, Sean joined Coopers Metals in London, U.K. with general ferrous trading responsibilities.  In 1989, he was hired as Supplies Manager for Smith & Company, where he was responsible for purchases and sales, predominantly within the foundry sector.

In 1996, Sean joined AMG to establish and manage a U.K. trading and brokerage division.  In April 2000, he was appointed a director of AMG Industries and, in August 2004, was named Deputy Managing Director.